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Back office management Features

OnPoint Retail’s unique Back Office management system provides cutting edge trend and data analysis to provide clients with the information they require to make informed business decisions. OnPoint Back Office is accessible from any device anywhere in the world.

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Multi-store management

Stock and sales management simplified

Warehouse support

Stock; invoicing; management

Real-time stock control

Live sales; stock feeds


Purchase orders; goods received vouchers


Quotes; invoicing; age analysis


Sales; storage management

Inter-branch stock management

Transfer receipts; transfer tracking

Label Printing

Stock label management

Stock take management

Stock levels; transfers; adjustments


Create; save; manage

Document vault

Store; access; secure documents

Barcode generator

Automatic or manually generated

E-mail alerts

Cash up notifications


Monthly newsletters; sales; new products

E-commerce management

Create online store; manage sales & stock

Trend analysis

Detailed visual reports

Cloud storage

Secure cloud services

Elastic scale

Scalable core services

Through the utilization of distributed cloud services around the globe, we have managed to reduce our hosting risks and costs. These improved services have allowed OnPoint to scale dramatically as the processing demands of our clients grow.

As your cloud service provider, we guarantee a near 100% up time of OnPoint Retail Back Office, daily database backups, and highly available Point of Sale software.

We have built in multiple layers of redundancy through utilizing local, and global leaders in cloud hosting platforms guaranteeing quality of services to our clients.

Stock management has been simplified to reduce the number of minutes capturing and maintaining your stock inventory. Through gathering an understanding from industry leaders in the retail space, OnPoint Retail’s stock management is designed to specifically handle capturing large volumes of stock consisting of multiple colours and sizes in a simple and effortless manner.

Our unique design caters for the following stock types:

  • Stock, colour, and size matrix
  • Speciality items (Single line items)
  • Packs
  • Combined items

Gather better understanding of your cash flow and enhance customer relations through efficient and effective management of your debtor’s process. Debtor’s management is your complete solution for monitoring debtor performance, purchasing trends and reporting on outstanding accounts.

Use our highly available cloud services to reduce operational costs through e-mailing invoices, credit notes, and statements.

Our debtors module contains:

  • Quotes
  • Invoicing
  • Credit notes
  • Statements
  • Age analysis
  • Credit limits
  • Loyalty pricing tiers
  • Cash-back bonuses

Gather insight into your customer spending behaviours through advanced buyer behaviour analysis. These reports will aid you in understanding how to incentivise your customers into spending more in your stores through customer loyalty programs.

Custom’s, based on loyalty tiers, can earn rewards on purchases, and redeem them at a later stage.

Rewards are calculated at a pre-determined time of the month, and based on the maximum amount of rewards you define in your loyalty tier settings.

Manage your stock, sales, and reporting from a single completely integrated Back Office system. OnPoint collects user data on what your clients are searching for and viewing on your website and displays in easy to understand graphs. Your e-commerce website functions as a store, allowing for easy stock transfers, management of stock quantities, sales, packaging, and delivery tracking.

OnPoint Back Office is able to provide near real-time notifications to our customers keeping them up to date on when staff perform end-of-shift cash ups; stock levels are depleted on popular or fast moving items; and real-time interactions with e-commerce customers.

You also have the ability to setup automated reminders on outstanding accounts and lay-by for your customers.

Notification channels include:

  • E-mail
  • SMS

We convert large volumes of data into meaningful visual charts and graphs. Through the visual representation of your data, we help you to easily understand trends without requiring a degree in data analysis.

Our data analysis helps you to make reliable and predictable assumptions on buyer behaviours, stock movements, and sales trends.

Through our marketing module, you are able to send out monthly email or SMS newsletters informing your customers of monthly specials, new arrivals, and important events.

In-store advertising is made simple through OnPoint Retail’s marketing app.