Powerful Back Office Operations

# Back Office ERP Software

OnPoint Back-Office provides a rich suite of operational modules enabling you to run your business from a single software suite. Manage and track everything from supplier accounts to inventory management and sales; customer account management; promotions; asset management; reservations and e-commerce.


Stock Inventory Management

# Sales and Operational

Stock management has been simplified to reduce the number of minutes capturing and maintaining your stock inventory. Through gathering an understanding from industry leaders in the retail space, OnPoint Retail’s stock management is designed to specifically handle capturing large volumes of stock consisting of multiple colours and sizes simply and effortlessly.

Manage supplier accounts through Purchase Orders, Goods Received Receipts (GRV), Invoicing and Return Receipts.

Track stock levels and movements across your business using Inter-branch Transfers (IBT) and Stock Takes.

Analyse stock burn-down and aging through a vast array of reports and data analytics.


Customer Engagement

# Customer account management

The OnPoint Finance module provides rich customer account management functionality. Our back-office portal facilitates the easy management of quotes, invoicing, recurring billing, statements, debtor age analysis, customised promotions, loyalty programs, and preferred pricing, and general customer account management.

Gather a better understanding of your cash flow and enhance customer relations through efficient and effective management of your debtor’s process. Debtor’s management is your complete solution for monitoring debtor performance, purchasing trends and reporting on outstanding accounts.

Customise email and report content to reflect your corporate image and branding.

Next Level Reporting

# Understanding data

We convert large volumes of data into meaningful visual charts and graphs. Through the visual representation of your data, we help you to easily understand trends without requiring a degree in data analysis.

Our data analysis helps you to make reliable and predictable assumptions on buyer behaviours, stock movements, and sales trends.


Large number of reports ranging from stock inventory, sales, to customers purchasing behaviours. Select the reports that you want to see in your customizable reports view.

Data Visualization

We process large volumes of data to create beautiful, rich and meaning data visualizations to help you understand trends across your stock, customers and business.


Fully customizable

# Choose your settings

OnPoint provides a fully customizable platform allowing you to integrate your business in a seamless process. We provide you with a blank (white-labeled) canvas allowing you to create your corporate image.

Customize (almost) everything from role-based access to customizable dashboards and reporting.

Select from a large number of 3rd party integration partners which will further extend your business capabilities. Our integration partners include (but not limited to) financial payments, accounting, and bulk messaging.


Monitor real-time data

# Cloud technology

Through our network of cloud services, OnPoint can provide customers with near real-time data reporting and data analytics. Stock inventory numbers are accurately tracked through point of sales and internal stock movement tracking.

Subscribe to real-time event notifications; these include cash up notifications, low stock levels, goods received discrepancies and many more.


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